Things To Know


Internet Shops: There are a number of Internet shops in Puerto Escondido and this proves to be the easiest and cheapest form of staying in touch. Prices are reasonable.

Wireless Internet: is available at the condos

Telephones: are available through phone shops in town or at various pay phone locations. Most all pay phones work on a “phone card” which you can purchase at many locations.

 Money Exchange: Pesos are the staple currency here. There are a number of ATM machines in town and this is how we access pesos when we need them. It is a good idea to have a few travellers’ cheques in case the ATM is not working. Traveller’s cheques can be exchanged at the Banks or the money exchange stores in town.

 Safety: We have found Puerto Escondido and the State of Oaxaca to be a very friendly and safe place to stay and travel in. As is prudent when one travels anywhere, please do not wear or display expensive items of any kind. Dogs can be a bother at times but their bark is usually worse then their bite. You can take pepper spray but a stick or a rock does just as well.

 Fruits and Vegetables: The selection, tastes and smells of the local produce are fabulous and the varieties change for various times of year. There are some good hygiene tips to be aware of. Fruits should be peeled or properly cleaned before eating. Vegetables and unpeeled fruit should be washed in a cleaning solution like bleach, iodine or other appropriate product for this purpose. We enjoy salads and all the vegetables and, because we are careful, we have never had a problem.

Shopping: For the more hearty walkers, a hike to the Benito Juarez Mercado (approximately 25 minutes) will provide you with most everything you will need. The best market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. On these 2 days the local farmers bring in fresh produce and you can stock up for the next 2 or 3 days. We like to walk up and taxi back. There is also the more familiar supermarket format called “Ahorrara”, a 15-minute walk from the condominium. There are 2 super markets in town which offer a great selection of fruit & veggies, dry goods and liquor.

Getting Around: Walking will get you most any where you want to go around Puerto Escondido but taxis are abundant and for approximately $2.00 US you can go to or from the centre of town.

Tipping: It is expected that you tip for good service and 10% still appears to be the norm. Remember that everyone works for a very little wage each day so if the service deserves more, please extend your generousity.

Climate: The mean temperature only varies by 3 degrees from December to July. What does vary is the humidity. The daily temperature is usually in the 32 to 36 degrees Celsius range with a nice afternoon breeze coming off the ocean. December to April are your dry months and June to October are your wet months. November and May are your shoulder months.

 Medical Serivces: There is a hospital in Puerto Escondido and English speaking doctors. Plus there are many drug stores that carry most of the common medications. There is a strong English speaking support network for North American travellers that can be called upon in any emergency. The Association is called The Friends of Puerto Escondido.

Stuff to Know About the Condos

Number of Persons: Each condominium accommodates a maximum of 4 persons. There are two (2) queen beds in each unit.

 Water: Our caretaker “Demetrio” will supply you with bottled water (5-gallon jugs) at your request; the cost per jug is at the going rate (very reasonable). Be sure to clean the base unit and the dispenser before using the water. Tap water can be used for all of your cooking.

What to Bring: The condominiums are fully equipped for a wonderful holiday experience but there are a few items you should bring with you. Bring your beach towels if you plan on spending a lot of time at the pool or the beach. Good walking shoes, sunscreen and your own selection of books/magazines, tapes and CD’s are also recommended.

Electricity: Is 110 volts and will run any North American appliance.

 Laundry: The maids will do the laundry for you for a fair price, or there is a laundry service just up the road from the condominiums.