Things To Do

Deep Sea Fishing Puerto Escondido is primarily a fishing port. It is therefore only natural that sport fishing is also popular among tourists. Guided boats are readily available on virtually every beach. Pickup can be arranged in Puerto Angelito immediately adjacent to the condominium complex. Tuna and Sailfish are the most common catches Fishing excursions usually cost about 700 Pesos for 3 hours per person.

Swimming and Snorkeling The waters at Puerto Angelito and Carrizalillo are calm and undisturbed. They are great swimming and snorkeling areas. (Carrizalillo Beach shown here)

Surfing Puerto Escondido is considered one of the top 10 surfing locations in the world with Zicatela the primary beach. International competitions are held in August and November. Read about surfing Escondido in an article by Christian D. Lyman.

Lagoon Tours Just north of Puerto Escondido are Manialtepec Lagoon and Chacahua Lagoon National Park. Both offer magnificent varieties of vegetation and wildlife in a distinctive tropical setting and each can be toured inexpensively in a day. The cost for tours is approximately 350 Pesos per person. Zicatela Dorada Tours

Turtles The endangered Ridley Turtle nests on the beaches of Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel. People sometimes see these turtles laying their eggs and then the hatchlings scurrying back to the ocean. An interesting tour is the Turtle Museum in Mazunte – a wonderful beach area one hour from Puerto Escondido. All of the local turtle species can be seen at this Centre for Turtle Preservation and Study.

Boat Tours Boat tours are available from most beaches. These are wonderful to get a view of the coastline and also to view the bountiful sea life of turtles, dolphins, tuna, jellyfish, etc. And if you are adventurous, dive overboard and take a swim with a giant sea turtle!

Special Events

There are many, many Special Events in and around Puerto Escondido. Please click on the link for more information.

What else can you do?

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