Getting Here

Booking Travel Yourself:

1. You can fly to Mexico City from anywhere in the world and from Mexico City there are a number of ways to get to Puerto Escondido

  • Make connecting flights to Puerto Escondido, a 45 minute flight
  • Make a connecting flight to Huatulco and be driven to Puerto Escondido. A very nice 1.5 hour drive north for approx. $100 US
  • You can bus to Puerto Escondido on a first class bus. Time is approx. 11 hours. Catch the overnight bus if possible.

2. You can fly into Acapulco and catch the bus to Puerto Escondido. A 7-hour ride. Make sure you catch the first class bus or it could take you 12 hours.

We Specialize in Mexico Destination Travel:

Contact us and let us recommend the best way for you to get here or anywhere in Mexico, in the fashion you wish to travel.

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